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Scottsdale Tax Planning Lawyer

Tax planning influences all other parts of the firm's practice.  Mr. Oenning has the knowledge and extensive tax background necessary as both a lawyer and CPA to structure business and real estate transactions, and to use estate planning techniques, to minimize or eliminate taxes.  Mr. Oenning's accounting and tax background is what truly sets him apart from other transactional lawyers.

Mr. Oenning has prepared various business and personal federal and state tax returns throughout his career and also participated in IRS audits.  He has advised small, mid-size and large privately held businesses and individuals in a wide array of tax planning scenarios.  Mr. Oenning's tax compliance and preparation background as a CPA is a tremendous asset which has helped him as a tax planner in his law practice, as he is very familiar with IRS forms and compliance.

While not an all-inclusive list, a few tax planning items in which Mr. Oenning advises clients are:

  • Structuring business formations, joint ventures and other partnership or corporate type arrangements
  • Structuring business transactions and contracts
  • Commercial and residential real estate transactions
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Pension plans
  • Individual and family tax planning

There are tax implications and consequences to consider in almost every transaction and financial decision.  Please schedule a consultation with Oenning Law Office, PLLC in advance of consummating any business or real estate transaction, or doing any estate planning, of if you have other tax questions.  Mr. Oenning's knowledge of taxes, accounting and the law will help you explore tax planning options and help guide you to make the right decision for your business, your investments, you personally and your family.